Social Coffee Machine-Presentation


Here is a short german video about the Social Coffee Machine and how it works.

Sincerely, the SCM-Team




Here is a photo of our team we took for the new contest we are participating in, the PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA.
There is a chance to win up to 5000€ in this contest and we hope that we can do well!


Sincerely, the SCM-team!

RC-Car contest by Cenarion

Our project-partner Cenarion is having a contest to win a sweet RC-Car!
If you want to have the chance to win this awesome price you just have to like their facebook page:
Or give them a +1 on Google+

The winner of the car will be drawn from all likes and +1s on Facebook or Google+!

Good Luck!

Cenarion offering an IT-internship

Our partner Cenarion Information Systems is currently searching for seasonal trainees to create a cool web-application for and with them.

If you are interested send your curriculum vitae and your current school certificate to

Here is a link for the german ad:
Cenarion Inserat Gamification 2013

Sincerely the SCM-Team

Some update!

Hey guys,

we are working pretty hard and its nice to see our application developing so fast!

Currently we are implementing “Support Vector Machines” to distinguish between grinding sounds and other noises. We already had some success with that and are hoping that it will increase the quality of our project. Hopefully we can keep up the progress to present our application as soon as possible.

Sincerely the SCM-Team

Project funding!


Today we are proud to announce that we received a project funding!

As we mentioned in a blogpost earlier we are participating in the “jugend-innovativ”-contest. The innovativity of our project won us 150€ that we can use to cover the expenses of our project!

We are pretty happy about this funding and are looking forward to spend it for a useful purpose!


After a long absence here is a new blogpost for you guys to inform you about the current status of our project.

The application is currently working as intended and we are currently working on performance optimization. Lately we added some nice statistics for the users, to see their coffee consumption. Furthermore we are optimizing the sound recognition by adding more samples to reduce the error rate. Another important thing we are working on are the global statistics, for this purpose we are using the Google-App-Engine. The implementation of a Tablet-Interface is also a pretty big part of our work at the moment.

Here are some screenshots of the application
Sound recognition:



Stay tuned for the next post!